Saturday, January 22, 2011

comforting to have the same emotions

Thoughts of others are always interesting
Hello, acquaintance.

Some people aren’t worth your time and energy.

Good-bye, my friend.

I suppose its been nice knowing you. The times and laughs we shared will slowly fade as they are replaced by new memories of those who truly matter, the people who have never and will never leave me behind.

I look back on the good times I spent with you and wonder where we went wrong. Was it simply a case of bad timing on both our parts? Or was it the time spent apart which resulted in a domino effect that cut off our ties with each other? Oh wait. I already know the answer. I clung onto the remnants of our broken relationship while you replaced me.

Are you happier now? You better be. Every time I see you, talk to you, or even hear about you, deep down I want to slap sense into you. I had thought that you were actually the “nice guy” you had claimed to be. I had thought that maybe you were one of the few people I could potentially trust. I had thought that our friendship was worthwhile. I. HAD. THOUGHT.

“Maybe some people should be around your entire life, and others should just make an appearance.” — Casey Cartwright, Greek S.3 Ep.16 ‘Your Friends and Neighbors’

Hello, acquaintance.

Everyone deserves a “Hello” in the morning. Everyone.

But don’t come running back to me if your world crumbles. Don’t pretend that we’re still friends. Don’t act like you still care about me. Don’t say “sorry” and expect me to believe it. Not anymore.

I’m tired and done with your nonsense. So for now, you are just another semi-familiar face in the crowd, another friend on facebook, another AIM buddy, another friend of a friend…

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