Friday, January 21, 2011

a general note

Choosing which pathway to take to adulthood really does affect how you go in life, and what journey you take. I kind of wish that I did choose to go to whitehouse fashion college. However I dont regret choosing to get a bachelor degree of communications, majoring in pr. Since choosing this pathway, my life has and is still what may be beyond amazing. Not only am I comfortable and confident with my subject, but I have indulged myself in what may be the absolute best people I have ever met. I have met so many people who are so diverse, that i definitely know we will be friends forever. And I have plenty confidence in saying that. No matter where we are, there is never an ounce of boredom. I never really took notice of how a close bunch we were, until my mishaps became public. They all gave me comfort and were really there. Not to mention when they told me that I was like a sister to them. It is then when I realised that even though it has been through a few months time that we have known each other, we all really are just that close. It's touching, naw.
Going back to the main subject, if i had not chosen this pathway, I would have not experienced so much shit, so much drama, so much trouble, so much laughter, so much love, so much craziness, so much rebelling, I wouldn't have met so many lovely people that I know now, those i can count on to have a crazy time, to just chill, to just eat out, to just have company, or even to be serious dnm and/or cry. And I definitely know I wouldn't have my life that I have right now.
Life is amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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