Monday, January 31, 2011

Awwwwwwww boys suck.

i know this girl who was an item with this boy. They started slow, but as soon as they defined their emotions for each other, things flew by fast for them. They were really into each other. At the beginning they would always hang out with each other, but as time went by she soon felt like she was lonely again. Like she was missing something but couldn't figure it out. She soon concluded that she missed her boyfriend a lot, despite the fact she would see him almost everyday. She questioned how that could be so? Confused, she went over her thoughts and memories. She came to the realisation that the past few weeks, she had not hung out with her boyfriend one on one. It was always with another person, or his mates. This made her insecure and disappointed. In need for desperate action, she decided to plan a date with her boyfriend. He agreed.
The night came. The usual occurred, he picked her up, and they drove to their location. Excited and relaxed was what she felt, knowing that they could finally have one on one time together. Arriving at their destination, like a gentleman he opened her car door and led her out. Everything seemed more than perfect. Walking towards the restaurant, she noticed other familiar cars parked within the same area. Its nothing, she thought to herself. And just as they entered the restaurant, she caught the view of familiar faces. It was her boyfriends mates. What we're they doing here, what happened to their date, she thought to herself. Struck by dissapointment, she felt like a rock had been thrown down her throat, had fallen to the bottom pit of her stomach. She knew what was coming for her, and she didn't like it.
He opened the restaurant door for her to enter, but she chose not to enter. She stood there, staring into his eyes, with sadness written all over her face, and plain confusion all over his.
Him: What's wrong babe?
Her: I thought we were going on a date?
Him: We are, that's why we're here, thats what we're doing?
Her: What, are we having a date with you friends?
She pointed to his mates, who sat at the table signed reserved. With faces of eagerness to rummage through food. Instantly he realised what was going on, and what was going through her head. His face changed, worried.
Her: Why do we always have to meet up with your mates? Why are they always with us, around us?
Him: Aww babe, come'on! Their my mates, my boys, and plus they we're hungry.
Her: But I'm your girl. I'm your girlfriend.
Him: Baby, I can't just tell them to leave. I'm sorry, I promise we'll have a date just the two us next time.
Her: Next time? What if your friends are there again?
Him: Well what can I do? What if they want to come?
Her: Tell them not to come.
Him: Babe, I can't just do th...
Her: You can't just ... be with me? Is that too much to ask?
Unexpectedly he took longer to respond than she had wished. From them on she knew, as much as she didn't want to, she knew she deserved better.

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