Friday, December 3, 2010


i hate it when you talk to me, i hate it when you dont
i hate it when you stare at me, i hate it when you show you care
i hate having to wait for you, i hate knowing what im doing is wrong
i hate it when you make me smile, i hate it when you make me cry
i hate how i am so fucking emotional over this, i hate knowing this is all so stupid
i hate how i can't seem to get over this, i hate how it isn't even fair
i hate it how you are not even that far away from me, i hate it that i can't even call or text you
i hate it that you were the best thing that came to me this year, i hate it that you're not even there
i hate how I now understand everyone else's problems now, i hate it that i miss you
i hate knowing that there are other bigger problems in this world, i hate how i just don't care
i hate it when you're not around, i even hate the fact that you didn't even call
i hate the way i don't even hate you, and that through all this I still deeply care.
torn - natalie imbruglia mesmerize - ja rule feat. ashanti deuces - chris brown feat. tyga good life - kanye west in ya phone - trey songz naive - the kooks marina gasolina - bonde do role

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