Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm not going to lie, I just found out that you're even further away now and it ridiculously hurts. Your in another state. It hurts because your no longer accessible. It hurts because I didn't even know you were going. It hurts because even if I contact you on christmas day, I know for a fact that the hope that something might happen before new years will definitely not happen. It hurts because I know you are not going to approach me before 2011.
Also, something else that I wanted to point out is that I found out why you havent been talking to one of your best mates. You loser, you are so lost. Please find in yourself, the courage to lower your sky rocketing pride, please give up, no one thinks high of you. Please you're too proud, you definitely need someone, or say a female/motherly company authority to guide you. I wish you would look to and seek assistance from your mother. I wish you would approach me and talk to me, because I know you're troubled. I mean, I may not know your problems but I sincerely do want to help. And that's the truth.

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