Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everyday I wake up with the greatest hope, however as each hours passes, that ounce of hope does a little more.
p.s. I died of laughter inside today, when i found out the sleaze and filthy pathetic male you used to be. Seriously. I'm not gonna lie. I am more than disappointed at how dirty of a person you were. No wonder people always warned me and told me to be careful of you, however they never truly told me why. I guess the reason is that they didn't want me to be hurt by the news from someone else.
I found out some revealing news about you today and also the past few days. It's not a lot, but it is definitely enough to realise why everyone had warned me.
I understand why people were like becareful, and omg why him. But the thing is, I didn't meet you in the middle of when this was all happening, I met you at a later stage, I'm assuming a time when you had reaslised you needed to grow up? Who knows, but I guess in a way it was good timing that I met you later on. It's always about timing.I mean, I wasn't gonna just break off what we had because of your past and things people were telling me. That will be unfair. And plus I decided to give you chance before I found out all that stuff about you, so i guess I really did have that great of an interest in you.
Anyways the reason why I say I laughed, is because the filthy and dirty person that people described you to be, I couldn't identify with the you that I met, and hung out with. It just doesn't connect? Because of that, it makes me wonder if it really was me that had made you realise and change your attitude.
I remember things you told me, things you did, they are evident to how different you treated me in comparison to other chicks, as well as the fact I was able to slap you on the face and give you an awakening about everything. I think I may have gotten you to stop being stupid, I think I was successful in changing you a little. A little isn't alot, but it is still something. I guess you really did take me seriously.
I know some people who had warned me or whatever are probably thinking "I told you so", but the thing is, the way we ended and just how we were together wasn't how they those people expected us to be. They probably thought I was just another clueless and stupid chick that was getting played, or was just there for that "company", but that's wrong. People we're worried for me, because they didn't want me to be treated unfairly and stupidly like those others. I mean yeah I was clueless about all the secrets and stories, by taking that into consideration, that means I really was into you for that person that I met and you we're really taking me seriously.
Some people are surprised at you, because you treated me differently and well "properly" and seriously, others who don't know what happened probably think "yep, she was the next victim", to those people if only I was that arrogant and loud mouth of a person, I would be like suck shit I really did prove all you guys wrong, but there really is no need for that.
But still, I really need to find this information out for myself, and need a proper confirmation. I can't keep finding out things from your best mate. Because that's not right, and I'm pretty sure you know that as well. I hope.
Your a smart person, you just need to figure out how to guide yourself properly.

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