Wednesday, November 10, 2010

black book

Have you ever decided to just sit back, watch, and analyse everything that surrounds you? ....
Well I took on that experiment for the past couple of days or so and came upon an epiphany. I have been able to read people, and further read situations. My perception on every small detail that constitutes of what life is has transformed and or changed to an extent.
As a result I have been able to depict the people I should surround myself with, the people who speak of only genuine truth, people who put up a persona to disguise their insecurities, and the people who are plain superficial and delusional.
Unfortunately, on a realistic manner I cannot simply put my back towards those who I wish to no longer socialise with due to family ties and relations. In that case, I am willing to only act of the honest and assertiveness of what may make me happy personally, in hope that the other will do the same to diminish their typical self-character.
I only wish to do what makes me happy and what is appropriate in the situation. You'll know that everything is right, when you feel it. I feel it now.

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